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In the middle of the nuclear-scorched desert there was a pile of… - Basil Sexbone

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May 17th, 2007

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06:49 pm
In the middle of the nuclear-scorched desert there was a pile of exposed slabs of granite. One of these slabs had a tarnished metal vacuum cleaner perched on it and on that vacuum cleaner a man who had once, among many other things, been a vacuum cleaner salesman sat on that cleaner while he looked utterly bemused while he and the Devil looked at each other. They had not spoken to each other for just over one half of one hour.

Harold Dear's willpower proved to be less of that than the eternal enemy of all that had been good in the world and so under the Devil's silence he found his composure broken and in order to fill the terrible nothingness he felt compelled to speak.

'I suppose this is all your fault.' Harold said, and he gestured to the broken duskiness of the horizon, where fires still raged and the souls of the damned could be heard as they bickered with each other and the hapless demons trying to harvest them.

The Devil shrugged.

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Date:August 20th, 2007 01:29 am (UTC)
Hey man, was this part of something or just a jotting? Curious about context. I liked the pacing of it, but reckon that a couple of sentences in there could use some breaking up.

Mad comments to you, my mad comment whore friend! ))

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