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Basil Sexbone

plays golf the way most people soil themselves

22 June
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Some important things to note:

Ever since I was born I have managed not to die and three out of ten dentists think this good.

I have an eating disorder; if I eat chips I may choke to death.

Religious violence tends to end up with a pile of corpses and cackling lunatics wanking over them. Seven out of ten dentists think this is unhealthy behaviour.

This is devoted (mostly) to Earthdawn stuff. Sod off anyone who neither knows or cares what Earthdawn is.

This is specfically devoted to my interpretation of Earthdawn.

You will not find many cults of Mynbruje who torture and kill and get away with it in the main book.

Neither will you find corpse bombs.

Savoury biscuits are best when barbeque flavour.

That's all you need to know. Get out of my house, you're an adult now.