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Random item ideas for Earthdawn to be worked on later - Basil Sexbone

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July 7th, 2006

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10:44 am - Random item ideas for Earthdawn to be worked on later
Theran Officer's Great Coat

A Theran generic item issued to all their adept officers in their Air Navy. Looks like a bulky leather over coat, stained a deep blue and padded internally. Will provide some pumps to common air sailor talents, some command stuff, resistance to the cold etc. Possibly three versions, issued to junior officers, senior officers and admirals.

Shield of Ribbons (nicked off an idea Little Martin had in one of my SR sessions)

Item looks like a dozen or so feet of multi-coloured ribbons wrapped around the forearm. Parries and grabs weapons by having ribbons unfurl from the user's arm. Can also be used eventually to grab missile weapon, assist in climbing, grapple combat etc. At the high end functions as another set of limbs, the more ribbons that are interwined the stronger each 'limb'.

Immovable Staff

The ends of the staff have an ability similar to the Stick Together spell that can be activated and annulled at the will of the user. Staff affixes itself to any solid surface (dirt does not count until higher levels are reached) and becomes immovable. Should allow for some interesting combat maneuvers, grapples etc.

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